Cherenkov Telescope Array LST-1​

  • Cherenkov Telescope Array LST-1​
  • Cherenkov Telescope Array LST-1​
  • Future Fibres: Cherenkov Telescope Array
  • About the Project

    Next-generation ground-based observatory for gamma-ray astronomy at very-high energies, the Cherenkov Telescope Array’s unique capabilities will help to address some of the most perplexing questions about astrophysics, seeking to understand the origin and role of relativistic cosmic particles, probe extreme environments, and explore physics frontiers. The array will be using more than 100 telescopes spread between two sites in the northern and southern hemispheres. ​

    Future Fibres manufactured 26 intermediate modulus multistrand structural carbon cables to integrate into the prototype—LST-1. The cables were coiled for transport to the telescope’s remote mountain-top position. Their low mass and very low CTE are key to the telescope’s accuracy and precision positioning. High winds, high UV, salt in the air, and icing up, are all regular events at the telescope’s location, contributing to tough environmental conditions. The composite cables have performed exceptionally. LST-2 and following telescopes began construction in 2023.​