Flexible Furling Stays

About ECtorque

ECtorque replaces headstay and furling foil combinations and enables you to put your sails away quickly and consistently, making sailing easier and safer. ECtorque performance comes from an ECsix core rod bundle that is wound with fibres to transmit the torque. These fibres layers are biased to optimize the furling performance for the lightest and smallest cable for the fastest furl.


ECtorque can be used on yachts of all sizes but is particularly useful on big cruising yachts with large headsails. They have also been used in racing such as the J Class circuit as they offer sailors the performance of a hanked-on sail, but speed up the handling of large headsails during mark roundings.

70% less aerodynamic drag than a conventional system.

50% lighter than headfoil systems.



Because ECtorque allows the removal of the head foil, it creates up to 67% less aerodynamic drag than a conventional system. It also improves the performance of your headsail as the lower diameter shape creates a less disturbed flow of air onto the sail.


Headfoils can be hefty pieces of equipment. The ECtorque system can pay weight saving dividends of more than 50% over traditional headfoil systems.


ECtorque systems are designed to furl sails quickly and easily. However, in the event of an issue, they allow the sail to be dropped manually simply and quickly, averting possible damage to the sail or injury to crew.


ECtorque furling headstay cables make use of same multistrand technology as ECsix, bringing the same strength and durability to the world of furling sails. Each cable has break load and torque transfer properties tailored to each yacht.

Headsails are hanked directly onto the forestay, with no foil system and lashed at the top to a swivel and a furling unit at the bottom like a furling sail.