Hybrid Carbon Rigging

About EVOsix

On the heels of the successfully introduced AEROsix rigging product, Future Fibres now introduces this unique hybrid technology in
a round shape.
EVOsix combines both of Future Fibres’ construction technologies: the reliability and strength of multistrand cables and the performance attributes of solid carbon.


EVOsix is a hybrid construction of a solid carbon plate encapsulated with multistrand carbon rods. It is built to achieve minimum drag, lowest possible weight and maximum durability.

Benefits of EVOsix


EVOsix’s hybrid construction delivers best in class performance reducing dramatically drag & vibration. The internal solid core delivers racing tuning response and the rigging has optimized load transfer throughout the cable and fittings.

Vibration and Drag Reduction

The combination of the reduced rigging section and a dimpled surface profile ensures the best drag coefficient results. Vibration while sailing is proven to increase aerodynamic drag. Multistrand damping is 60% quicker than pure solid rigging.


Multistrand cables absorb energy during impact. Unlike solid rigging, the destructive energy finds it hard to pass transversally from one strand to the next so damage doesn’t migrate through the whole cable. With EVOsix, the solid part of the rigging is protected by the multistrand rods.


Thanks to our patented technology, multistrand cables can sustain up to 40% of damage and still get you home.


Designed to suit all International rating certifications, such as ORC where aero rigging is penalized.

EVOsix will allow you to have a competitive handicap rating whilst benefiting from all of the other performance advantages that both solid and multistrand rigging have to offer.