RAZR Solid Carbon Rigging

Inshore Race Rigging

About RAZR technology

Using our past experience, the latest in solid carbon fibre construction and resins, along with cutting edge fitting and termination technology, Future Fibres produces the lightest and lowest diameter solid rigging product available on the market, RAZR, giving you the competitive edge.

RAZR is made from the highest class legal modulus carbon fibre possible and has been re-designed from deck to mast head creating the ultimate in performance rigging. RAZR Solid Carbon Rigging, a product specifically designed for Inshore Grand Prix Race Boats.

Benefits of RAZR


Extensive testing of RAZR has validated the removal of some mid span fibre whilst maintaining required content and strength at the end terminals. This means each cable has the precise fibre content to achieve strength and stiffness requirements. The result? Zero parasitic weight, smaller cable diameters and overall lower windage.

Nanolite Fittings

Nanolite terminations allow the entire stay end to be set inside the mast without external fittings or laminate protruding from the mast section.

The NanoLite fittings are used both on RAZR and ECsix multi-strand carbon rigging. This means you can swap between systems without interface changes or major rig surgery. Perfect when you (or a subsequent owner) wants to take your TP52 offshore where solid rigging isn’t appropriate.

Aerofoil Section

Certain class rules, for example the TP52, allow the use of aerofoil shapes in certain sections of the standing rigging. Razr can take your standing rigging right to the limit of the rule, providing you with the competitive edge.

Complete Package

Between stablemates Southern Spars and Future Fibres, we can supply the full rig package, including mast, boom, standing rigging and furling cables. You get the benefit of the strong relationship between the two leading companies in the mast and rigging game. You “Just Push Play”.

Applications of RAZR

RAZR rigging is a strictly inshore Grand Prix racing product. It is suitable only for TP52s and Mini Maxis, who exclusively race inshore and regularly undertake thorough rig and rigging checks.