Hybrid Carbon Rigging

About AEROsix

AEROsix is Future Fibres’ breakthrough new rigging product developed specifically for grand prix racing and high performance superyachts. AEROsix is a hybrid carbon rigging system that combines both the reliability and strength of multistrand carbon rods with the performance attributes of solid carbon, to create the ultimate rigging option on the market.


AEROsix’s patented hybrid construction is made up of a solid carbon plate bonded within bundles of multistrand carbon rods, that fuses the reliability and strength of multistrand cables with the performance attributes of solid carbon.

Benefits of AEROsix


Thanks to its extended ellipse shape, AEROsix has the highest performing aspect ratio amongst all the carbon rigging products on the market. It creates the highest amount of lift for the least amount of frontal area drag.

Vibration and Drag Reduction

AEROsix is built on the same low vibration principles as ECsix. Minimizing vibration while sailing is proven to decrease aerodynamic drag. AEROsix achieves this through a 60% increase of inherent dampening and decreased resonance effects.


Multistrand cables are made to absorb energy during impact. Due to the multiple strands the destructive energy finds it hard to pass transversally from one strand to the next so damage doesn’t migrate through the entire cable. Multistrand cables present no risk of compression failure due to the product’s bendability and flexibility.


Thanks to our patented technology, multistrand cables can sustain up to 25% of damage and still get you home.
DNVGL approved product logo

AEROsix is a DNV GL approved product.


AEROsix hybrid multistrand product is made for grand prix racing and performance superyachts in mind. Each individual rod has a known working and breaking load, so stays can be customized for a specific yacht’s requirements. We have built cables with strengths between 50 and 815,000 kg.