Multistrand Carbon Rigging

About ECthree

The world’s leading supplier of composite rigging, Future Fibres introduced ECthree multistrand carbon rigging in 2015 on the heels of ECsix’s widespread market adoption within the yacht industry. ECthree is an entry level composite rigging product for yachts in the 30 to 65 foot range.


ECthree utilises a standard modulus carbon fibre coupled to stainless steel end fittings. With an increased safety factor, ECthree’s multistrand construction allows a yacht to convert from wire or nitronic rigging into a durable and tough lightweight composite rigging solution that yields significant weight savings aloft at a lower price than the more refined, lighter weight, and higher performing ECsix sister product.


Multistrand Technology

Future Fibres’ patented multistrand technology is the most durable carbon rigging on earth. The bundles of separate pultruded carbon rods make ECthree extremely flexible, which helps them resist fractures from bending, compression and impact. Because the rods inside the cables are free to move, they can easily absorb energy in case of impact.

Any damage is limited to individual strands without the cable being susceptible to crack propagation, removing the key risk of compressive and impact failures inherent in solid rigging systems. Tests have proven that our multistrand cables can sustain up to 25% of damage and get you home safely. Any small damage can be inspected and repaired without the cable needing to be replaced.


ECthree will reduce the weight of a yacht’s rigging by up to 60% compared with traditional rod or wire. Reducing weight aloft increases righting movement and decreases pitching movement – so ECthree is faster and more comfortable under sail and improves the roll motion at anchor. Weight removal aloft can also deliver fuel savings, making longer passages more economical as well as more comfortable.


Carbon composite structures are much less susceptible to fatigue life issues compared to their metallic counterparts. Whilst some elements of rod rigging need to be replaced on a five to seven year cycle, the same is not true for composite rigging. So long as the rigging is regularly inspected and maintained, ECthree composite rigging should last for the life of the yacht.


Easy to retrofit

ECthree is designed to interface with most carbon or aluminium masts on the market. Utilising our network of local riggers we ensure measurement and fitting is done efficiently and accurately and the conversion is done in a straightforward manner.

Ideal for...

Designed specifically for yachts in the 30 to 65 foot range, ECthree is well suited to racer-cruiser yachts.