Barn truss tension cables​

Future Fibres Barn truss tension cables​

About the Project

Low and high tech combined perfectly for this customer who was provided with carbon truss ties to support an oak frame housing their collection of wine and Porsches. The cables serve to tie the arched shape of the oak frames together to stabilise the structure.

Detailed work on how the female threaded end of a Nanolite cone could interact with the oak frame concluded with a forked stud to be screwed into a female nut tube pre-mounted in the wooden frame during its fabrication. The forked end is pinned to a double-acting rigging screw, which provides significant tension adjustment for the cables as the building settles in the weeks, months and years to come. The double-acting rigging screws at both ends of the cable maintain symmetry in the installation. The cables are in full view of anyone in the barn, so the choice of rigging screw, metals and surface finishes reflect the owner’s wish to represent the motorsport heritage of his car collection.