The World’s Largest Plane Needs Some Very Clever Cables

About the Project

A product of Stratolaunch LLC, ‘Roc’ is designed to facilitate the launch of hypersonic and aerospace vehicles, with the goal of being ready to deliver services to government and commercial customers in 2023. It has an astounding 117-metre wingspan and six Boeing 747 engines providing the immense power needed to take flight.

On Jan. 16, 2023 Stratolaunch announced its ninth successful test flight, which saw the carrier aircraft complete a 6-hour flight at an altitude of 22,500 feet over the Mojave Desert.

There’s a lot going on behind the awe-inspiring size and power of Roc, including some very precise flight control system cables from Future Fibres. With a reputation for designing and manufacturing the highest performing cables for the largest sailing vessels on the water, Roc is the largest “vessel” on land, sea, or in the air that Future Fibres has ever supplied. Ironically enough, the cables onboard Roc also have the smallest diameter of any Future Fibres has ever produced.

The set of 34 Future Fibres EC multistrand tensile cables vary in length from 1.48-30.53 metres, making those at the top of that range some of the longest EC cables in existence. That being said, they have been designed with minimal cross-sectional diameter, a break strength of 2000kg, titanium Nanolite ends and a white spectra braid – making them long but designed to a very precise specification.

Well-proven durability characteristics coupled with consistent temperature performance of EC technology, made Future Fibres the choice to the engineers at Stratolaunch LLC.

“Future Fibres is proud to supply Stratolaunch with its composite cable technology as they continue push the boundaries of aerospace engineering to make accessing the hypersonic flight environment more routine and reliable.”
Richard Adams, Business Development Director, Future Fibres Rigging Systems S.L.

Future Fibres cables have been used in industries from aerospace, to civil engineering, to architecture, motorsport, defence and beyond – learn more about industrial applications.

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