HCB Battens

The benchmark in sail shape control.

About HCB Battens

World leader in composite rigging, Future Fibres has applied its expertise to make the most advanced sail battens on the planet, from its high-tech production facility in Valencia. HCB Battens specialises in the design and production of proven-quality sail battens and componentry, covering everything from Grand-Prix racing and blue-water cruising, all the way up to record-breaking superyachts.


Using high-quality pre-preg carbon fibre, HCB Battens are manufactured in custom solid aluminium female tooling, using 6 bar of pressure to ensure aerospace quality lamination and minimum resin content. A full range of end fittings are available, from soft sail furling to batten receptacles, lashing outboard ends, adjustable outboard or inboard ends with screw adjusters.

Engineered to your sail designer’s specific stiffness, or from our custom range,

HCB Battens are precision-designed for high-performance.

Benefits of HCB Battens

Low Friction

Smooth, polished surface reduces friction against the sail inside the pocket.

Reliability & Performance

The best strength to weight properties available.

Quality Composite

Our manufacturing method provides the best quality laminate and optimum resin content.


Standard length available for easy shipping, or custom length for perfect fit and easy joining.

Made in Europe

Manufactured at Future Fibres’ leading-edge facility in Valencia, allowing fast shipping to anywhere in the world.