TorqueLite 2.0

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Introducing TorqueLite 2.0

Future Fibres, producer of the world´s best composite cables for standing rigging and torsional furling cable, launched TorqueLite 2.0 in late 2016. The high-spec furling cable is a complete evolution of the highly successful TorqueLite, designed for those that require even more performance and better handling when removing and stowing cables away.

Future Fibres´ research and development team have produced a furling cable that surpasses the current state of the art in every measure:

Torsional Stiffness

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Twice the Torsional Stiffness: TorqueLite 2.0 is 100% stiffer in torsion, halving the number of turns required to start your sail furling away. This gets the sail away quicker, improving speed through manoeuvres and ultimately getting you around the course faster.


Bending Stiffness

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Half the bending Stiffness: Typically increased  torsional stiffness comes at the expense of coilability and ease of handling. Our newly developed proprietary construction method halves the minimum coiling diameter while actually increasing furling stiffness. This makes getting the cable dropped and stowed away a breeze. Less fuss equals less mistakes and more speed.

Rigging Weight

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20% weight reduction: A new lamination method and lighter torque material allows for a 20% weight reduction, further reducing parasitic weight and making the boat go faster.

Same lifespan, less performance decay: Our special construction method keeps the cable delivering peak furling performance for longer.

Volvo Ocean Race has chosen Torquelite 2.0, the latest generation of Future Fibres high performance furling cables for the fleet of eight one-design yachts in the thirteenth edition of the gruelling race around the world starting in October 2017.

Future Fibres will continue to sell TorqueLite, the original furling cable that broke ground almost two decades ago with its unique torque transfer properties.