The latest from Future Fibres
  • Gunboat 68 #3 – SEA TILT

    Future Fibres was proud to be the recent supplier to latest Gunboat 68, Sea Tilt, launched out of La Grande-Motte at the end of last month. Sea Tilt is the third Gunboat 68 to be launched from their yard in France and was designed in a collaboration between Gunboat, naval […]

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  • Get to Know: The Design Team

    Behind every project and every new set of rigging we supply, is the Future Fibres’ Design Team. Here we give you a closer look at the team and at the expert work they carry out each day, to make sure you can sail at optimum performance with our rigging.  Currently […]

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  • Botin 85

    Recently we saw the launch of the new exquisite Botin 85 carbon racer built by King Marine in Spain. Future Fibres is proud to have supplied the ECsix rigging package to go along with the Southern Spars rig for this impressive project. Many thanks to the build and design teams for trusting in […]

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