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    Future Fibres supplied a complete set of ECsix rigging to new J-Class Topaz, the latest addition to the fleet. These classic yachts were used in competition for the America’s Cup from the 1930s until the mid-1950s and have recently experienced a revival, being raced once again by many of the world’s top professional sailors at events around the world.

    The J Class yachts have benefited from the quantum leap made in sail, mast adn rigging technology over the last 70 years and are now high-performing race yachts, many of which feature comfortable cruising interiors.

    Other J-Class Yachts rigged with ECsix: Hanuman, Velsheda, Ranger, Rainbow…

    Designer: Various
    LOA: 120 to 139.8 feet
    Mast Height: 53 metres to 63 metres