IMOCA / Ultim Invasion: Ocean Racing Machines Set for 50th Fastnet with Future Fibres

Recent months have delivered some of the most compelling IMOCA action one could hope to see. But, with the end of the Ocean Race and the Class’ first ever fully crewed race around the world in the books, attention is now fully focused on the months ahead and the ultimate destination of the Vendée Globe.

With the Rolex Fastnet Race now part of the IMOCA calendar and counting as qualifying miles for next year’s singlehanded non-stop round the world race, IMOCA 60s are turning out in force for the 50thedition. With 30 IMOCAs primed to take on the world’s largest offshore contest, the stage is set for an exhilarating showdown.

Crédit : Maxime Horlaville / disobey / Macif

Amongst the shifting dynamics of IMOCA racing, one constant remains – Future Fibres’ ECsix multistrand rigging – trusted by the Class to deliver exceptional performance, seamless serviceability, and unparalleled longevity through extreme conditions and demanding schedules.

Sailing’s most popular composite rigging, ECsix provides an unbeatable combination of performance, durability, and reliability. As well as delivering the incredible speeds evidenced by the awe-inspiring new-generation foiling IMOCA 60, ECsix is utterly dependable. No ECsix cable has ever failed due to age, wear, weather, or water in the decade since its launch, making it the obvious choice the world’s premier One Design programmes.

Among the Fastnet’s notable IMOCA contenders, is the hotly anticipated debut of Charlie Dalin’s new boat, MACIF Santé Prévoyance. In 2021, Dalin’s Apivia stunned the rest of the fleet, finishing 6 hours ahead of Jeremie Beyou’s Charal in second! If, as Dalin says, his new vessel builds on the success of Apivia, he could be poised to unleash a frightening display of power this time around.

Now in the hands of Clarisse Cremer, and under the sponsorship of L’Occitane en Provence, Dalin’s former hull has undergone a rejuvenating refit. Assisted by Alex Thompson, Cremer embarks on an exciting Vendée Globe qualification campaign, which will have plenty of people willing her on in the Fastnet and beyond.

Another revitalised yacht, British offshore icon Pip Hare arrives at the Fastnet with a souped-up Medallia, with enlarged foils promising to lift it out of the water and back into contention with its new-build competitors. Amidst the captivating subplots that make the race so compelling, the stage is set for a dramatic spectacle.

While smaller in number, the two-boat Ultim fleet will also bring an immense presence on the water. With trimarans Banque Populaire and SVR Lazartigue both set to leave their thunderous wake encircled around the Fastnet Rock, it is fitting that the fastest offshore vessels the planet has to offer are well represented in the historic anniversary of the world’s largest offshore race.

Built for transoceanic records, and epitomising the daring, adventurous spirit of offshore racing, Future Fibres proudly equips these carbon giants with its latest hybrid rigging innovation – EVOsix.

Like the Ultims themselves, EVOsix pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on the water. Its round hybrid construction is composed of a solid carbon plate encapsulated within multistrand carbon rods – the solid core delivering responsive tuning and optimising load transfer across cables and fittings. The combination of reduced rigging section and a dimpled surface profile provides an exceptional drag coefficient. Vibration is also curtailed, as EVOsix’s outer multistrand layer dampens 60% quicker than traditional solid rigging, effectively absorbing energy during impact. With EVOsix, the solid part of the rigging remains protected by the multistrand rods, safeguarding against damage propagation. The result is dramatically reduced drag and vibration for emphatic performance gains, paired with durability that’s not far away from a pure multistrand product like ECsix.

With our composite rigging products on yachts of all shapes and sizes across this mighty 500-strong Fastnet fleet, Future Fibres is proud to be a common thread on so many of the top teams heading towards this spectacle of sport. We know that being equipped with Future Fibres fortifies the confidence and efficiency of the world most talented sailors in their pursuit of glory, allowing them to perform at their very best and achieve their goals.

As anticipation builds and crews prepare to unleash technology, tenacity, and skill when the starting gun sounds, Future Fibres extends its best wishes to all participants.

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