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Get to Know: The Design Team

Behind every project and every new set of rigging we supply, is the Future Fibres’ Design Team.

Here we give you a closer look at the team and at the expert work they carry out each day, to make sure you can sail at optimum performance with our rigging. 

Currently there are seven in our principal Design Team based in Valencia, under the guidance of Design Manager, Seth Cooley.

In his team are Claire Sears, Blanca Carrasco, Jorge Garcia, Jordi Boronat, Nicolas JobbeDuval and Elinor Pawlak. However, we also have designers in Sri Lanka and in the US who closely with the team on projects.

The design team’s work varies day-to-day but it often involves being in contact with the Future Fibres’ Sales team and PMs to ensure they have the required information to design and meet the deadlines, as well as with clients to ensure that they are satisfied with their product.

They are also frequently in contact with the Project Engineers, as they are not only designing the products themselves but also the tooling needed to be able to manufacture them.

Currently the team is working on a number of new projects, ready to bring our clients closer to their sailing dreams!