Innovations & Exploration


Certified production processes, documentation, testing and measurement ensures full traceability and repeatability. Employee empowerment and engagement drives continuous improvement.

Our Team

The R&D department is composed by a multi-skilled team of engineers and technicians specialized in Composite Rigging Manufacturing Techniques and Equipment as well as Testing Equipment and Parts machining.


Within our build process, every cable is tested thoroughly to ensure the finished cable will perform to its design specification. Our R&D workshop is equipped with a series of modern instrument and equipment for the rigging research and development.


  • 1MN Testbed (Dynamic and Static) -12 Meter long
  • 500kN Testbed (Static) – 60 Meters long
  • 200kN End Spreader Join Test Bed (Static and Dynamic).
  • CNC Mill and CNC Lathe
  • Composite Workshop (Prepreg, Infusion, Machining and complete Rigging Cables Processes R&D Scale used for any required development).
  • Design Tools: FEA Analysis, CAD-CAM Software.
  • NDT: Acoustics, Standard Strain Gauging & Fibre Optics