Tension cables for non-marine applications

Civil Engineering, Architecture, Motorsport & Aerospace Technology

Rigging for Civil Engineering

Composite tension members, compression tubes and components can offer significant performance improvements over traditional building materials. They can enable designers to think about structures in completely different ways and deliver some surprising handling, performance and aesthetics advantages.

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Architectural Rigging

From structural architecture to industrial design, Future Fibres’ innovative composite technology enables design teams to conceive distinctive concepts that would not be possible with standard building materials.

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Cables for Motorsport

Since 1998, open wheel racing classes have been equipped with safety tethers connecting the wheels to the chassis to prevent wheels, in the event of an accident, potentially impacting spectators.

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Aeronautic and Aerospace Rigging

From structural cables for telescopic satellites to locking strops to hold helicopter blades to the motor.

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Cables for Cranes & Lifting

While crane designs have experienced radical change in the last decades, wire cables for lifting has remained essentially the same for around 100 years.

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